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Abroad once more...In England!

Once we moved abroad again, nearly 7 years after leaving Sicily a few friends and family asked if I'd start my blog again.  I thought I might.  I have no plans to be an influencer, and to ever get any other interest than my beloved friends and family.  But if you'd like a little closer look into our life as a military family living abroad in England, here you are.  I'm just going to continue on this blog, so if you want to see adorable pictures of Soren as a globe trotting tot, feel free. We arrived in England about 8 weeks ago from Virginia.  Right before Christmas.  Our trip didn't go exactly as planned.  Our first flight was delayed to Washington DC, which meant we missed our morning connection to London.  We ended up having a 10 hour layover, instead of a 1 hour layover.  Which also meant taking a red eye flight with the three kids.  I still maintain my stance on trying not to taking red eye flights with my kids.  They did great, honestly, but everyone was so darn

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